Drawing a portrait with dip pen

I have recieved some questions how I did this drawing of my sister-in-law Nanna. This is a drawing made on A3 sketchpaper since it was what I had handy at the time. I have used a dip pen with a school nib (very fine line, non-flexible) and Sumi-ink. Both pen and ink was from the japanes company Zig Kuretake.

My first step was to do the pencil sketch. Just normal stuff really, I draw until I get it right. I don't bother with keeping it clean, because I can then transfer my sketch to a clean paper. When inking the drawing I don't want to much clutter underneath the ink, so by transfering it I get a clean paper.

And there is also another positive with this method, which I got use of here. I actually messed up with the first ink-drawing, putting my inky hand on the paper. Since I had the pencil-sketch I could transfer it to a new paper and begin anew. I dont have a picture of me doing the pencil sketch, but here it is slightly visible together with the material.

Nanna, Step 1

Then I just started with the hatching. Here I have begun with the areas I felt would probably be the darkest, and in some way the easiest. The darker parts are easier, because you dont have to be so careful. If you mess a line up you just going to cover it anyway.

Nanna, Step 2

Well, keep on hatching lines. And... dip the pen, dip the pen, dip the pen. During the process I try to feel that there will be a balance of light and dark in the end. The best way to do this is to work all over the place, doing passes over the whole surface. As you might notice I don't really do that. So... do as I say, not as I do ;) I use a combination of lines that follow the form, and straight lines just showing the light. I think that this gives the best combination of form and atmosphere.

Nanna, Step 3

With a lot of work and patience here it is, the end result. Sometimes I don't stop in time and the image will go dark beyond repair, since I can only go from light to dark - not the other way. But this time I feel I stopped in the right moment. Eventough I see other problem that bugs me, but artists dont tell ;)

Nanna, Step 3

And that's all there is to it. I hope someone find this useful. Bye bye.