The tree

An inkdrawing of a tree, with some strokes of fog. I’ve always been fascinated by the form of trees. Especially gnarly, bendy ones.

This is an inkdrawing created with a dip pen, Sennelier a la Padoge ink and Sakura Pigma Micron fineliners. The paper is Clairefontaine PaintOn paper in size A3.


Inkdrawing where I wanted to show the feeling of being filled with something – be it passion, purpose, sorrow, spirit etc.

The drawing is created with fineliners form Staedtler and Sakura (Pigma Micron) of different widths. The technique I’m using here is what I like to call “baskethatching”, a form of “crosshatching”. I make patches of lines, crossing eachother. This allows me to fade things or get a sharp line. It can make form difficult to control though. And it takes time.


This face expression fascinated me during a period when I’m looking in to anatomy. I also wanted to try making something with coloured pencils. Now, it turned out to be grayscale… but it is still done in coloured pencils ;) It is not my usual medium, so it was a challenge.

Looking sideways

Inkportrait looking sideways. This was done trying out some new artsupply stuff and starting back up after a few days break from drawing. I am pleased with the way the hair came out, and the blocks of black.

Here I have used Platinum Carbon Black ink with a brush, a Pilot Fude Makase brushpen and a Sakura Micron fineliner.

Looking down

Inkwash drawing of a women looking down. I liked the sharp contrasts in this and the dark patches of hair. I started expereimenting with inkwash and different black inks and this is the result. The inkwash sits on generic watercolour paper from a local store. By the way, do you think inkwashes are paintings or drawings? I guess we are moving in a gray zone here…

The girls salute

Inkwash drawing of a girls salute. Well, probably she’s just blocking the sunlight, but I like the thought of a salute to the viewer ;) I’ve started using inkwashed, a technique I have not used for some years. This is on toned, naturele paper from Clairefontains which is really fun to work on. The ink used was Higgins Black Magic, a small bottle I handle with care since I’m not sure it as easy getting a new one. I also used some J. Herbin white calligraphy ink.

The kiss

The kiss, a portrait of a couple kissing. They asked on the forum for people to draw them. I’m happy with the composition in this image, it appeals to me. To create this I used crosshatching/baskethatching with fineliners form Sakura, the common Micron pen in sizes 003, 005, 01. The 003 was almost dried out, which makes it possible to do very light lines.

Boy in a circle

This is a boy in a circle… bubble… planet… moon… Well, it is really up to you ;) A4 size, white ink on black A4 paper. Inspiration from a photograph on


Sketch of Christina reading. One of my first drawings with a fountainpen, and rediscovering crosshatching with ink. I liked the relaxed pose with the sun light shining, and wanted to draw that.

What in the world

“Whaaaaat in the world?”. I tried to catch the surprised(?) look of this mans facial expression. Or is it more “I don’t believe this!”. Put words to my drawing!

A mixed media drawing, using black ink and coloured pencils.