Boy in a circle

This is a boy in a circle… bubble… planet… moon… Well, it is really up to you ;) A4 size, white ink on black A4 paper. Inspiration from a photograph on


Sketch of Christina reading. One of my first drawings with a fountainpen, and rediscovering crosshatching with ink. I liked the relaxed pose with the sun light shining, and wanted to draw that.

What in the world

“Whaaaaat in the world?”. I tried to catch the surprised(?) look of this mans facial expression. Or is it more “I don’t believe this!”. Put words to my drawing!

A mixed media drawing, using black ink and coloured pencils.

Portrait in an angle

A portrait I did trying out some new stuff. The reference photo of this girl is from reddit, and it is quite an odd angle. But I like the light and wanted to test out the gray paper.

Portrait of Kennedy

A portrait in my sketchbook, of Kennedy during a phonecall. I took inspiration from a documentary, and felt the weight that must have been on his shoulders during some periods. The drawing is done with a technical pen (with a small needle in the point), time consuming but interesteing effect.

Between dark and light

In this portrait I wanted to catch the isolated light hitting the face. What better way to do this then with white ink on black paper? I’ve used stippling (dotwork) as a technique. I’m quite happy with the result.


A stairway that leading up to the unknown in an old, crooked house. I wanted to get the lighting from the window. Not creepy but still a bit of a mystery what is behind the bend. This was created with dip pen and Sumi ink, crosshatched.

What about us

An inkdrawing of a couple, inspired by scene in Netflix a show. I’ve used crosshatching and baskethatching to create the tones of light and dark. The work was done in late 2019 and the first days of 2020. I thought “What about us” was a fitting title, it was also a line in one of the songs I listened to while drawing.

Portrait of Nanna

A portrait of my sister in law Nanna, drinking a glass of wine. This was done with dip pen and sumi ink. I was getting along with ink and pen and wanted to do something larger with dip pen. And I saw this photo from my other sister in law, Hedvig. I found the light interesting, and I think the result is quite nice.

Portrait of Anthony

Ink drawing of Anthony Quinn. This was one of my first drawings with fountain pen, and was a bit of experiment.