Portrait of Brittney

Inspired by one of my favorite singers, Brittney from the band Unleash the archers. Exploding from the darkness. I have plans to portray musicians in a series of images. I felt this technique was suited for the feeling I wanted in this images. It is an inkdrawing using basketshatching (small patches of crosshatching).

Street spirit

An ink drawing inspired by the Radiohead song.

Octavia of the Julii – portraitsketch

This is a portrait of Octavia of the Julii (Kerry Condon) from the show “Rome”. I think she has an interesting face, and especially catching this rimlight.

I did this in ink, coloured pencils and white gel pen, on gray toned paper from Clairefontaine.

In the light – portrait

I wanted to catch this portrait with the light. It is an inkdrawing done with crosshatching (baskethatching).

The tree

An inkdrawing of a tree, with some strokes of fog. I’ve always been fascinated by the form of trees. Especially gnarly, bendy ones.

This is an inkdrawing created with a dip pen, Sennelier a la Padoge ink and Sakura Pigma Micron fineliners. The paper is Clairefontaine PaintOn paper in size A3.


Inkdrawing where I wanted to show the feeling of being filled with something – be it passion, purpose, sorrow, spirit etc.

The drawing is created with fineliners form Staedtler and Sakura (Pigma Micron) of different widths. The technique I’m using here is what I like to call “baskethatching”, a form of “crosshatching”. I make patches of lines, crossing eachother. This allows me to fade things or get a sharp line. It can make form difficult to control though. And it takes time.


This face expression fascinated me during a period when I’m looking in to anatomy. I also wanted to try making something with coloured pencils. Now, it turned out to be grayscale… but it is still done in coloured pencils ;) It is not my usual medium, so it was a challenge.

Looking sideways

Inkportrait looking sideways. This was done trying out some new artsupply stuff and starting back up after a few days break from drawing. I am pleased with the way the hair came out, and the blocks of black.

Here I have used Platinum Carbon Black ink with a brush, a Pilot Fude Makase brushpen and a Sakura Micron fineliner.

Looking down

Inkwash drawing of a women looking down. I liked the sharp contrasts in this and the dark patches of hair. I started expereimenting with inkwash and different black inks and this is the result. The inkwash sits on generic watercolour paper from a local store. By the way, do you think inkwashes are paintings or drawings? I guess we are moving in a gray zone here…

The girls salute

Inkwash drawing of a girls salute. Well, probably she’s just blocking the sunlight, but I like the thought of a salute to the viewer ;) I’ve started using inkwashed, a technique I have not used for some years. This is on toned, naturele paper from Clairefontains which is really fun to work on. The ink used was Higgins Black Magic, a small bottle I handle with care since I’m not sure it as easy getting a new one. I also used some J. Herbin white calligraphy ink.