How to avoid film rip with Zenit ET

My first roll of film passed through the Zenit ET camera. Time to rewind. But ... HOW? I took a while to find the rewind release button. When I found it, it was hard to push down. I guess I did not do it well enough, because the film teared right of with a snap.

Film teared

Allthough I didn't get that until I opened the back and let the light in! But you learn from your mistakes, and I now can enlighten other about how to avoid this fate. So, here's how you do it:

The rewind release is around the shutter release-button. On the Zenit ET it is potected with a halfcircle of plastic. I now use a pen to press it down, ALL THE WAY DOWN!


Ok. Rewind the film with the film rewind knob. Lift it up to open the camera backside and take out the film. Now, I don't know if it is just my cameras rewind release that's stuck a bit but I had to screw the button to get it back up again.

Push it down!

For further reading look at the Zenit B, E and EM manual.