I'm now building my site with Pelican

I have decided to use Pelican, a static site generator, for this new version of my site. This after several years pondering and building with other systems - with all from Slim, .NET Core, Laravel, even trying to build my own framework.

The shomaker's children go barefoot

Webdeveloper syndrome
I don't know if this is a word, but maybe it should be. I felt I needed to show all I could do, all my skills, in my own website. That is such a problem because it is a fast moving field, you have to learn new stuff all the time to keep up. You'll never have the time to show off all you can do in your own site, specially since it is probably something your work on during your spare time. It was never going to get done. The shomakers's children go barefot. So the shomaker (me) changed his ways.

Content is king
I, for a change, had a lot of content I really wanted to get out. And content is what matters. Noone is going to see my fancy backend functions anyway. If a want some new functionality I have no problem using code and terminal commands to get it in.

This is a Python application that takes my textfiles (Markdown, HTML or RST), combines it with functions and a theme written in the template engine Jinja, and generates my site as HTML. Easy, secure, fast, fun. Since the content is text-files it is esily extracted if I ever want to change system, and I keep the content version controlled with the rest of the site.