About Mattias Wirf


I am an artist and webdeveloper living in a village called Garphyttan, Sweden. I was born in 1975 and grew up in Boxholm, Sweden. You read right, I'm old enough to remember a life without the internet ;) I am married and have two wonderful daughters.


I've been drawing and painting since I was a child and I'm educated at art schools. For a while, in the 90's in to the new millenia, I worked as an artist and illustrator, doing commissions.

The light has always been important to me, and I try to work with that in my drawings and paintings. At the moment I am very much in to bringin this to life with ink and pen work - using fountainpens, dip pens, brushes - but in the past I have worked in many different techniques. I dont accept commissions for now, since time is limited (with having a family and other work) and I like using that time to develop my own ideas.

I have also been doing a bit of photography, including some wedding and workplace portrait images.


For 15+ years I have been working professionally as a webdeveloper. These years have lead me to some very different workplaces, from economic systems/banking to advertising agencies. From small companies, where I've done many tasks normally outside the jobtitle, to larger companies with a focused task assignment. The work has varied from design/illustration/photograhy to server management and systems design.

At the moment I am working for the swedish company Läromedia Örebro AB, where we manage distributing learning material to most of the swedish schools.

About the site

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I took this site down years ago, and have since then worked on different version. I felt I had to show all my skills as a designer and developer. There have been version created in PHP with Laravel, .NET Core, Slim, and written from scratch. I finally realized my skills evolved so if I wanted to show everything the site would never get done. This led me to choose Pelican, written in one of my favorite languages - Python. This allows me to focus on creating content (I hope).